My Mum spends more time than me on Facebook and in all honesty, the time I spend on my personal Facebook account, is spent sharing content I think she'd like to see. So I guess she loves social media and it's great for her!

Hang on, am I forgetting one key thing here? It's great to give family members access in images and through updates on how their grandchildren are growing in size and spirit, but it isn't the same as holding, kissing and sharing real life moments and interactions with them. 

How do you feel when a friend sends you a postcard or social-post from the Bahamas, whilst you're in Manchester, having to run for the bus in -3 conditions and its raining elephants and storks. It hardly makes you feel ecstatic about the whole situation.  

So what does this all mean? 

We can't rely on social to become the human interaction, it is merely a tool to help stay connected and engaged. It keeps the lines of communication open when there is limited opportunity to meet in person. If you become over-reliant on social as your single point of interaction and forget the human element, you leave your chances of any lasting relationship up to the BOT Gods. 

Don't create wonderful content and then leave your community 'hanging' without any real interaction. Let's face it, it may not be possible to physically go out and meet them all. But you can give them more than a photo of your wonderful world. It can be backed up with some real-time comments and engagement.  Respond when comments are posted from your community and a bit of humor, where appropriate, is very rarely a bad thing and could just brighten up someones day.