Or the ladies who aren't going to have babies! Or who want to crucify their feet in heels for 9hrs a day. Or the ones who are having baby's but need a part time job to return to in Bristol, but at the companies request need to go on a full-time three-week training/on-boarding session in Scotland as part of the induction! Go figure...

It never fails to amaze me at the creative, odd and unacceptable ways that companies are inadvertently or sometimes directly discouraging female applicants in one perfect storm of an advertising campaign.   

Diversity is complex and shouldn't be underestimated. It's often not diversity specialists or experts who are at greatest risk of falling foul of the subject. It's entry level recruiters or HR advisors. The answer for these employees at risk needs to be simplified so that they can make the changes necessary to ensure we have a more diverse workforce, from top to bottom of all industries and government organisations.

After all, an inexperienced recruiter 20 something young man or woman, is often put in the position where they may be creating job ads and will they be creating them with the right mix of demographics in mind?

We need greater support given to those people who are involved in recruitment at all levels! It's easy to use the buzzword 'diversity' however, it's a much bigger challenge to implement the changes necessary in the right way, with the correct levels of support that are required.