Just recently, TMP's #SocialTribe has really kicked it up a notch. We're posting content left, right and centre with followers and engagement all over the show... but we got a little bit comfortable.

You see, we've been using automation tools (like the ones listed in this article) and don't get me wrong, they are incredibly useful, almost *too* useful. It came to our attention that we were starting to look a bit robotic, the human behind the account was becoming lost in automated 'content'. Essentially, the 'social' in 'SOCIAL media' was beginning to fade. 

So... what can we learn about social media from Samuel L Jackson? (Bear with me)

Uncle Sam is no stranger to a bit of Twitter controversy (check his account here @SamuelLJackson ) and that's because the dude speaks his mind (peppered with his trademark, um... "phrases.") I'm not saying you should court controversy or be outrageous, but look at his content. Between the promotions for his latest movie or TV appearance, he's got comments on his thoughts, the news, the sports he's following. 

( I seriously recommend checking out his Olympics commentary! Here)

My point is this; I dare you to read his tweets without hearing his voice. Go on, try it...

Impossible isn't it? 

When you absolutely, positively have to connect to your audience, there's no substitute for your personal voice (and if you got that clunky Jackie Brown reference, I commend you.)