1. Social Recruiting FTW!

Social recruitment is on the up. It's becoming harder to connect with candidates and finding creative ways of reaching them and getting them to talk, is hot property.

Facebook is huge and it's not going anywhere, but you need to pick the right social channel for the right talent community. Assumptions won't help, research is needed to make the best use of the ability to target specific demographics, interests, habits... otherwise you can receive high engagement numbers of people you're not interested in. 

Danger: you've given yourself the new problem of having lots of irrelevant interest that you'll need to wade through. 

Targeting your approach is key to success!

2. Don’t Be A Cog In The Cultural Fog

The companies idea of its culture may no longer match the reality, that's if they even had a defined culture in the first place. Over time the culture of a business can evolve and change. Rather than ignore this, there needs to be some work done on understanding who you are and why you do what you do. 

Recruiters are more aware of this than ever before. Candidates are also much savvier these days around matching their needs for the correct culture fit as a priority over exact job skills match.

3. Diversity…..It’s An Old Wooden Ship

Do we really care? 

Well yes, we do! This is not going away and as the culture of an organisation is important to candidates, so is the need to ensure that the environment they enter, values them as individuals. 

Businesses are starting to recognise that a diverse workforce with a variety of viewpoints, working styles and experiences, will ultimately help them become more successful. It will also open up a wider talent pool of potential candidates and let's face it 2017 will be all about the talent!