After reading lots of wonderful positive stories on women during a week to celebrate and recognise the incredible influence women have on our lives, society, business and in public office. What we can't forget is the constant struggle both Women and Men go through to develop a career in this competitive world.

Lisa Skeete Tatum set up Landit which is the personalised playbook for professional women seeking to move their career forward because she faced such a struggle. The challenge when you reach middle management in your career is how do you take the next step in your career? Although we all talk about the war for talent, if an individual doesn't meet the current need, are they just left out in the cold?

There needs to be a greater focus on candidate support and development, because clearly when talent is in demand there's nothing recruiters and companies won't do to attract them. But what's being put in place to help the forgotten ones, who one day may be the chosen ones? They are also the ones who are already quietly getting on and doing a fantastic job for their company.

It's great to see someone taking the initiative to offer direct support to candidates. I hope to see other such solutions for a wider demographic in the future. Where the candidate really is the star.