Conversational interfaces allows you to surface the same content you have on your existing channels, but in a way that is more user led.

By providing the content through a conversational interface you're able to insert some personality into the interaction between you and the candidate. This approach makes the candidate feel as though they are discovering content tailored for them, rather than a generic page for everyone.

This article goes a step further (too far?) by inserting conversational element in between the standard text allowing readers to investigate some areas of the topic in more detail.

The future

As we move forwards people will expect conversational interfaces more and more, and not just via a keyboard either. With the mainstream voice controls like Google Home and Amazon Echo we are likely to see this becoming part of the conversational UI as well. We've been experimenting with tools like Annyang which allows candidates to 'ask' the website through their computer/phones microphone for content on the site... very exciting times.