"Fake news"

"The Echo Chamber"

These are terms thrown around a lot recently, and commonly associated with social media. 

Essentially, they refer to the human psychological tendency to reinforce your own views by being selective of your surroundings (both in real life, but more pertinently, online.) Also, how this can be used to manipulate you (fake news... OR claiming something true is "fake news.")

It got me thinking about my own use of social media and the network I have. The most recent retweet, the latest share and ANOTHER automated message brings this quote to mind;

"You think that's air you're breathing now?" 

You see, as a social media professional, I'm followed by other social media professionals who are using the same tools as I am. I follow them, so they follow me and vice versa - do they/I care about what they/I share or is it just "content" that oh-so-precious social media currency?

We're boiled down to numbers; likes, shares and comments... just content (fuel) for each other. 

Are you even reading this blog? 

Did I even write that tweet? 

You think that's air you're breathing now? 

Perhaps the way forward is to choose something real. Share what you really find interesting, actually read that blog, create something. 

So what'll it be, the blue pill... or the red pill?