If you've got kids then you'll understand how hard it is to sometimes challenge your children around behavior. You love them and you just want to do right by them and sometimes that means you don't deliver the message you should, instead you just smile. But they continue to make the same mistakes through a lack of an open and honest communication. You're not holding them accountable for their actions and they continue to find themselves in sticky situations confused. Finally when you blurt out the feedback, it comes as a shock and is naturally misunderstood.

Patrick, among his other dysfunctions of a team, talks about the importance of giving good honest feedback to employees. It's often most difficult when it relates to behavior, but by not giving that feedback you negatively impact the individual and the teams chances of professional development and success. 

Through experience and through a belief in what Patrick has to say, I really do feel that dealing with this challenging situation in the right way, can make the long term difference at building team trust and success. 

If you truly care for the people who work for you, and you should! Then giving honest feedback in a responsible way, is a must.

I have several employees who've worked for me in the past and although giving feedback on behavior was tough, the relationship with those individuals has grown stronger and there is now real trust. Even beyond the time that I've worked with them, the professional relationship remains intact. 

This is a great watch...