As we look back at the history of Martin McGuinness in pictures, it's clear to see that this man has been heavily influential in creating the political landscape of the Northern Ireland that we see today.

Sometimes getting the right people around the table who can influence change and transformation can be immensely challenging and sometimes very painful for all involved. But in life and in business, to really make the necessary changes needed to move on, it's imperative that those who can truly influence the movement from the past to the future, are included in the conversation. 

It is from real life events that we are able to identify how best to steer through our personal and business challenges. History has much to teach us and to ignore it or to cast it out, is an easy but risky decision to make.

Those involved, however, do have to be ready to have an input into the conversation that goes beyond disruption with the objective of making and influencing real positive change. That in-itself can be a painful process.

Good decisions are rarely made in isolation and finding the right people and partners to help through a transitionary period, who'll lean on experience and an understanding of the history that precedes it is imperative. This can be the difference and the small margins between success and failure.