BT's Inclusion & Diversity statement gets into the territory that progressive employers need to be in: the idea that diversity is crucial to good business. 

Inclusion is not part of CSR and it's certainly not something you do by numbers.

Your ragtag rainbow of employees should be a celebration of everything society has to offer – and the variety of thinking you get from it should be baked in to the business as a crucial strategy. The fresh ideas and challenges and non-status-quo alertness you get from mixing it up can often be the thing that'll stand you apart and help the business vision come to life. 

Definitely click through to have a look at their video. Sometimes people get too afraid of causing offence to have any fun with diversity. Just when you think, 'oh no PLEASE they're not going with puzzle pieces', they turn it in to the sweetest, perkiest diversity film I've seen in quite some time.