Most people talk about the Employer Brand and understand what it is and how you create and maintain an EVP.  The Talent Brand is the sharp end of the journey, sharp as in it is the piece that needs to cut through the noise in the market that allows your organisation to stand out to the talent you are trying to attract.  The key point to reflect on is that if this is really important then are you doing the management of it or allowing organically the brand to do its own thing.  If you are a gardener then you know that it's typically weeds that are left to grow that start to damage to the plants and look of your flowers beds but the plants that are pruned, watered and cared for grow productively and look their best.

The question is then do you allow your Talent Brand to grow randomly or organically with all the risks attached or are you taking control and making sure that your messages are sharp and penetrating building talent engagement?