From research TMP conducted into the candidate journey we found that one of the most negative experiences in the application process was their first contact with the hiring manager. Their perception of the employer brand actually went backwards following the interview.  Some of the comments were about their welcome at reception others were on the room used which was messy or not prepared for the meeting.  The main point was that the hiring manager was unprepared, hadn't read the CV or became more interested in talking about themselves and showing how smart they were rather than engaging with the applicant.  These are very basic issues that easily can get fixed but the idea of personal branding of hiring managers to enhance the experience even further is great thinking.  The attraction piece is just the beginning of a journey and once great talent is in the process hiring organisations should be looking at every touch point to improve the chances of landing the right talent.  In the same TMP research we identified an average of 19 touch points in the candidate journey where things can go wrong or brilliantly.  A copy of the research white paper is on our website for downloading.