The 2016 Global Workforce Study by Willis Towers Watson came out and challenged businesses that want a high performing and engaged workforce to give them more of a "consumer like" experience. Whether it is the retention of top talent or the desire to attract more great people to join why not shift your thinking from employee models to consumer models.  A sales function wouldn't accept the rate of attrition of customers that employers accept in employees! Nor would a marketing function invest so little money in branding when they are trying to shift perceptions.

The costs of attrition is huge and when you consider the loss of experience, the process of a new hire and their training and induction as well as that window of time before they become 100% productive it looks even bigger. Yet the effort many organisations put into making their employee experience "amazing" and one they would talk about and share is below the necessary threshold that makes the difference.

Likewise if hiring the best talent in the market is imperative then a similar argument prevails.  Consumers, candidates and employees are they all the same with the same hopes and expectations?