One of the pleasures of working in creative within the employer space is that you get to be curious about people. Doing employee profiles is almost an inevitability.

While straightforward photography does this trick, and we are in the age of the selfie, it's always delicious to consider working with emerging artists. There are few subjects more fascinating than humans, so our creative department is constantly inspired by new ways of expressing personality, individuality and diversity.

Horizon scanning and keeping an eye on talent in the art world is one of the better perks of being a creative director. In the past I've had the pleasure of working with some truly brilliant photographers and CGI artists, model makers and light artists. In my line of work you have a little go-to drawer of artists you'd love to work with, when you get just the right challenge and just the right brief. And a client with that touch of bravery. 

Put Lui Ferreyra on my list!