Well that's a new one on me and I have been involved in resourcing for 35 years.  Never mind the descriptor the reality is that great talent is very selective and hard to engage with.  These people see the world differently to an active jobseeker. This article gives 4 great tips on what to do....

1. They Create Interview Bucket Lists. They find and follow companies they respect and admire on social media. 

2. They Do Research--Lots of Research. A study by LinkedIn shows 70 percent of followers of your company on LinkedIn’s platform are interested in working for you.

3. They Find Someone on the Inside. Sophisticated job seekers would rather go around your online application process.

4. They Study the Recruiter’s Brand. Some 76 percent of the sophisticated job seekers over at Careerealism said they would want to know more about the recruiter for a job before applying.