Say what you like about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (maybe keep it positive to his face) but the man seriously knows his audience. 

Anyone who's seen his Twitter or Instagram knows that he is a one man marketing machine! 

There's no tortured, reclusive artist here. This man knows his role and seriously knows how to harness the power of social media. Not only does he add huge value to his movie's already huge marketing budgets (let's not forget, some of the highest grossing movies ever with the latest Fast & Furious movies) he also finds time to maintain an extremely solid personal brand. 

So how does he do this? 

1. He's prolific: much like his workouts, he never skips a day. 

2. Engagement: with fans, other celebrities, he tags, he retweets, he credits sources.

3. Media: pictures, videos, links - there's a lot to see and do on Rock's profile. 

4. Balanced self-promotion: if we were to analyse his social media activity, Dwayne probably fits the 30/60/10 Golden Ratio for Social Marketing (30% created by you, 60% curated by you i.e. shared and 10% call to action i.e. selling something) 

5. He's human: it's not all self-promotion and movie star fun, he also shows his human side, sharing glimpses from his life including the birth of his daughter and embarrassing photos from his past! 

So if you're wondering why your personal brand isn't taking off on social media, you could do worse than taking a sniff of what The Rock is cookin'