In the mid 2000's over £1 billion was spent by employers on recruitment marketing. I know that was when there was still a reasonable amount of print advertising but they key point is that through this marketing employer brands were more visible and candidates could "see" the messages and activity of the various organisations.  Today many companies are invisible other than to the few people that they contact directly as part of their candidate sourcing.

If one of the goals of many employers to encourage a more diverse and inclusive talent mix then is sourcing likely to do this?  If jobseekers are being approached by  multiple recruiters then how will your brand stand out as interesting and gain the response you want?

There is a really powerful argument for more investment in recruitment marketing not necessarily to build huge attraction pipelines but to engage your target audiences with your brand to make them aware and interested so that at the right time you can activate them into applying.

All too often the money sticks to specific vacancies and is spent very tactically (with agencies) whereas there would be far more value gained by branding investment.  This is how consumer marketing typically works, created a desired brand and then consumers spend/purchase.  Make an employer brand stand our and be "desired" and people will follow and at the right time purchase/apply!