...You see what I've done there?

I don't even like puns, but now that I've got your attention: surprise surprise, this article features another Northern Californian tech company telling us that free sloppy joe sandwiches get you better EBITDA.

But what if they really do?

What if syncing your blood sugar levels means you collaborate better, because you're not breaking your work up with staggered food runs? Which means you have more output from a day's work?

What if having a meal together means you get to catch up with a colleague you don't normally work with - so an innovation that otherwise would have been missed becomes possible? And you make money with a new product?

This isn't just about the generosity of a company increasing engagement, it's about the scheduling and choreographic benefits of shared meals.

We get fruit at TMP - grab and go, no interaction. There's room for improvement there. I nominate Robert Peasnell to take the first scrambled eggs duty.