Interesting to see @bbcbenthompson on @BBCbreakfast promoting a campaign to encourage more employers to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

This chimes with recent research from TMP Worldwide into the Jobhunter Experience. More than half (56%) of employers who recruited new workers in the last year reported that a candidate rejected their job offer, according to research conducted by What’s more, research from TMP Worldwide indicates that an increasing number of UK graduates (34%) turn down their first job offer.

Feedback has always been important for both job seekers and organisations.

Most organisations seem prepared to ignore this with only 11% of employers asking for candidate feedback.

 Instead job seekers share their experience with friends and family (83%) and amplify it through social media (64%).

AT TMP we have conducted research amongst employers and recent job seekers. The subsequent White Paper shows exactly where job seekers are experiencing a gap. It explores how organisations can best manage an organisational culture and align the recruitment process with the employer brand to give an authentic experience through all touch points with job seekers.

To demonstrate the importance of the candidate experience, a major learning is that 93% of candidates believe you can tell how an employer views its people by its recruitment process.

34% of job seekers rate their latest recruitment experience as poor. 58% did not receive regular updates on their application and 52% felt that they were not treated as individuals.

Candidates also want more than just an acknowledgement. 63.8% want to be kept informed of how their application is progressing as regularly as possible. They have invested time, effort, thought and their hopes in an application – they do not want these to disappear into a black hole.