Around 70% of all job searches start on Google, so this was a natural step. The big idea is to use Google's artificially intelligent systems to classify jobs and match what you are looking for with greater accuracy. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says Google for Jobs combine Google's mission around sorting information, with key AI technologies.  It will search through careers sites and it will pull listings from the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Whilst it might be getting simpler for active candidates to narrow down their job searches, the need for branding that differentiates your organisation's offer will still very much be there. With lots of choice - how do you stand out? And how do you engage the passive/receptive audience?  The candidate experience throughout the recruitment process is still important - arguably more so if it just got easier to look for a new role.

Google's job search function launches in the US first, no dates for the UK or Europe have been confirmed.