Bristol pie maker Paul runs the amazing OvenToYou stall on Wednesdays located at St Nicholas Market. He’s been supplying the office with a variety of sweet pies over many months and certainly many more to come.  Since the pie run became so popular, we decided to forward some of the proceedings towards a charity.  We have now raised £150 for Huntingdon’s Disease Association! You can kiss your diet good-bye, charity must come first!

Joe, our handy-man pie runner scootered off to do his weekly collection and was delighted to be given this massive pie Paul had made us.

I was hoping to get a few photos of everybody enjoying said pie, but sadly, it didn’t last long in this office….. and it was delicious!Don’t forget to check out OvenToYou and if you’re a company, consider forwarding some proceedings to your chosen charity, it’s amazing how much it adds up… and how much weight we put on!

Written by @LaurieWoodUK