Its exam time in the Porter household. A terrifying period full of outward praise and support for my son and inward dread of ‘that’ day in August.”Smashed it” must be the scariest words for any parent. We were going over some Geography case studies this week (none of which appeared in the exam for the first time in decades according to my son!) when we started having a discussion around PEST analysis.  Political, Economic, Social and Technological - four pillars of change. I often reflect on my own academic journey and wonder if it actually prepared me at all for the world of work (perhaps more a reflection on my approach to learning than the venerable establishments attended) however our review of PEST really struck a chord. I can’t remember a time when it has been more relevant.

The past few years have observed the world of work shifting off its previous status quo axis. Recession followed by Brexit and Trump intertwined with millennial attitudes to gig working and technology that both creates and removes jobs with alacrity (the idea of my fridge talking to my kettle terrifies me!). However the consequence of this transformation has been to increase the need for organisations to be simultaneously more agile and more future facing.  And here’s the reason for this blog ... the key to achieving this is not surprisingly to invest in talent that can provide competitive advantage. Smart organisations were those that got there quickest and started to factor Talent Acquisition into their strategic planning not after the strategy had been agreed. However this isn’t always the case.

Alignment with overall business strategy and objectives would seem obvious but for many organisations whether through internal barriers or evolving business priorities it isn’t the case. That’s where RPO organisations (and more specifically Yocto!) can help. The RPO market for permanent hiring has experienced rapid growth. Being at the heart of a business but yet still objectively detached from it gives the RPO provider a unique lens. It can observe the machinations of the business and can constantly bump the Talent Acquisition strategy back on track like the bumpers of a bowling lane. If seen as a simple delivery provider the RPO company output is commoditised and offered by Procurement to those that dip first for the line in the pricing race to the bottom. However, RPO organisations can be so much more.  At a time of profound PEST change RPO organisations can help their clients stay ahead of the curve and help prepare them for the further global transformation ahead.

On a similar note I have to go - parental testing urgently required. The new Maths Non Calc GCSE tomorrow and no one knows how that’s going to go!  

Written by Jon Porter, Managing Director.