A recent article I saw stated that according to a poll of 700 startup founders and CEOs by First Round Capital, only 14 percent of companies have formal plans and policies to encourage inclusion and diversity in the workplace.  This was a surprise given the amount of activity and initiatives that organisations appear to have.  But then if you read this article it would seem that there are still significant challenges that are faced by employees in the workplace and that the value of getting this right could be as high as £24bn to the UK economy.

One question that is a mystery for me is how, despite all the various initiatives organisations expect to achieve an improved mix of applicants when their talent pipeline creation is typically done through sourcing and/or Linked in.  This does not allow for the whole audience to engage with vacancies and the typical performance measure placed on recruiters are about time and efficiency, again not encouraging them to widen their net to a more diverse applicant base.