Finding and delivering great talent is tough.  The effort that goes into building a pipeline of high quality, diverse talent is huge.  The time invested by recruiters, HR and line management to provide an employer brand based candidate experience is expensive and time consuming. So why does this recent survey from Career Builder show how poor the on-boarding experience can be for these new great hires?

The first step to on-boarding is the offer itself, it should be the high point of entire candidate journey but so often is a complete disappointment.  One client of TMP Worldwide used to send a pack so thick the postman couldn't deliver it requiring the candidate to visit the Post Office at the weekend to collect the offer.  We soon fixed that with a beautifully crafted box with the offer on a USB stick with a personalised message from the CEO!

The next steps are critical to securing the hire, just when they may be being counter offered by their current employer or considering an alternative offer you need to deliver the right employer brand based experience. A great on-boarding site is a one of the very best tools but it needs the right content, it needs to fun and allow the hire to properly engage with their new colleagues.

The benefits of using a deliberate, thought out onboarding process are substantial. Employers using a structured onboarding program reported that employees are more engaged (49 percent) and have more confidence. The CareerBuilder report also found that successful onboarding also leads to employees having greater trust in the organization (45 percent), giving workers great efficiencies (44 percent), higher productivity (42 percent), higher morale (38 percent) as well as lower employee turnover