Whether organisations like it or not they have an employer brand, it is what your employees and potential employees think bout you.  Their perceptions, right or wrong, are real to them.  Do you want to accept them or influence them?

Let's think about BA for a minute, their disastrous weekend recently whether due to an IT failure or power surge has left millions of people with a perception of an inept and high risk airline.  They could shrug their shoulders and accept they had a bad weekend and move on.  I doubt that they will. More than likely their marketing function is right now planning a campaign to recover their damaged reputation, they can't change the fact that they had a bad weekend but they can start to mend perceptions.

At TMP we are often working with organisations who realise that the scarce talent in the market may not see them as a destination employer.  They seek our support on how they shift perceptions and build an employer brand that helps break through to reach their talent audiences and builds pipelines of quality candidates.  From the creation of an Employee Value Proposition through to launching it in the market and building the full tool kit of assets that make it real all the way through the candidate journey we support our customers in finding and delivering better talent.