Nothing makes an employer brand quite like authenticity.  And nothing gets an authentic employer brand out in the right networks quite like its employees. That’s why we advise clients embarking on any aspect of their employer brand journey with TMP, to involve their people in the process of identifying what it is that’s unique about the experience of working for them.  HR and recruitment can try to articulate this; so can marketing; but no-one will be able to do as good a job of setting out what will attract great people into an organisation (and encourage them stay) than the great people already there.

But involving your employees doesn’t just facilitate the development of creative messaging for communications purposes.  (And anyway, to work most effectively, employer brands really should be deployed across the entire employee lifecycle, not just used for communication – but that’s for another day).  In my experience, involving employees also serves to reconnect them to the places where they work and remind them of the positive reasons why they chose to join and why they stay.  They also just appreciate being asked for their opinions. 

Involving your employees in the development and evolution of employer brands can bring dividends in terms of engagement.  It also means that when they talk about their employers to friends, family and peers (i.e. potential future hires) they’re more likely to a) do so more positively and b) create the best environment into which to welcome newcomers.