Don't mess about on social media, I know how to,recruit! There's all those profiles on Linked In and I can find anyone I want. Maybe, maybe not but like it or not the talent audiences are on social media, it's part of their daily lives - phone in one hand, coffee in the other. Posting a job ad on social media isn't the answer but using social media to build and share your employer brand is crucial. Also your employees are on these channels sharing and commenting about work, life and relationships. What a powerful voice they can have if managed well and what about Glassdoor, the Tripadvisor for employer? How do you score and what are people saying?

The challenge is that all too often all the money in recruitment is stuck to the vacancy, no role to fill = no money to spend. Yet social media and employer branding are always on voices that need continuous time and investment. This neat article covers a number of points that indicate how much here channels can be leveraged for recruiting and employee engagement.