Organisations talk about a resourcing strategy but do they have a strategy of just executing a basic plan?

Teams of recruiters scouring Linked In and other CV databases isn't a strategy, it may fill roles but does it get the best and most suitable talent?  Probably not!

A great resourcing strategy is multi faceted and starts with a well articulated and managed employer brand, focuses on bringing the brand to life all the way through a mapped out and experiential candidate experience.  It is underpinned by fit for purpose (for 2017) selection tools that again are brand based and match capability and cultural fit to the role and ends with an offer, on-boarding and induction process that ensures that the people that join are motivated and engaged to the max!

To back this up - While three in 10 companies are still starting outreach efforts only after they need to fill a role, organisations that have their talent acquisition act together are 2.6 times more effective at hiring outcomes AND 1.3 times more effective at business outcomes.

And data confirms that many organisations are not as prepared as they like to think.  Yet a 2014 report by Oxford Economics and SuccessFactors, an SAP company, found that while 53 percent of executives say workforce development is a key competitive differentiation:

  • Only 38 percent have enough workforce data to assess their talent strengths and weaknesses.
  • Just 39 percent use metrics and benchmarking in strategic workforce development.
  • Less than half can extract insights from data at all.