Nurses recruitment. It's the brief that hits creative once a fortnight. 

This hospital trust, then that one. 

This private hospital, then that one.

It's the same story every time, there aren't enough nurses to go around. And what's worse, research carried out by TMP has shown that nurses feel underappreciated, talked about negatively in the press, and that they consider leaving the industry.

So it's not good news to see that nursing applications from EU countries has fallen by 96% since the EU Referendum. What was once a vital talent pipeline for hospitals is now seeing the tap switched off, almost completely. Other factors are almost certainly involved, including the introduction of English language tests, but whatever the full reasons, the trend is a worry.

 A shrinking group of people putting themselves forward will leave a shortage that will force a solution from recruiters in the immediate term. This issue isn't waiting for politics to settle itself, it's here now. And whether we need to change the deal we give nurses, do much better on retention, offer more training, change the qualifications or do some fairly incredible outreach at an earlier age - this is a brief I'm expecting to see floating across my desk much more often.