People are attracted to organisations that communicate their values and brand clearly, strongly and consistently. But they also listen to what people say about these organisations. 

Most people no longer simply accept information presented by an organisation but tend to seek more authentic insights from others. For example - how often would you book a hotel without checking the reviews on TripAdvisor? How often do you look at the product reviews by customers on shopping channels? Do you watch product reviews or 'shopping hauls' by Vloggers? And if you're in the recruitment industry you will be familiar with review sites such as Glassdoor which offer anonymous 'insider' information about culture, career progression etc.

So, back to employee advocacy. There are myriads of ways to establish an employee advocacy programme within an organisation. But to be successful they must win employees over in the first place, or the programme will launch and quickly fizzle out. Ensuring employees feel involved and listened to will help create effective employee engagement.