As I watch the next generation of talent come through, they continue to validate my theory that the traditional user journey is going out of style.

Jaguar Land Rover and the virtual band Gorillaz are joining forces to make an already attractive brand even more attractive by allowing applications to come through a virtual reality app. A mixture of video game, spatial reasoning test, assessment centre and job preview, the app is designed to hook in electronic and software engineers.

They've got a chronic skills shortage - and they need 1000 more, so 1 in 5 new recruits will be within this new role profile.

If they want, they can still, of course, come through the traditional route of the careers site. With that many brains needed, the company can hardly afford to close off a route of entry.

But by speaking to these people in their own language, and by pulling in some famous virtual friends, the PR and curiosity factor should hopefully get this free thinking brand the success they're after.