According to online career site Indeed the UK technology sector is creating jobs at such a rate that it's struggling to fill the vacancies. Of the 50 most difficult roles to fill on the Indeed site, 44 percent were for software and tech developers.

If you recruit in this space, you will know that many of the tech candidates you're looking for aren't searching actively for new opportunities. Because they don't have to.  “The salaries and prestige associated with the most in-demand specialisms—AI, data science and software developer—are turning them into the rock stars of the business world,” says Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates,  in an article from PCR (Link below). 

What to do? First - make sure you know who you are looking for. How many people have the skills you are after? Where are they now? How many organisations are looking for them?  What are those organisations offering? Then - consider your own offer very carefully. What are the people you're looking for actually interested in? Why should they come and work for you? Don't get carried away with a futuristic office, table tennis or duvet days over the things that usually matter to this particular target audience: interesting projects, cutting edge technology and a chance to further develop their skills. Finally, how are you going to get your message to them? Organisations are getting more and more creative in trying to engage with hard-to-reach tech professionals, via a wide variety of channels from online games, meet-ups, social channels, live events, stunts and even with messages hidden in Spotify playlists. If you are looking for these sought-after 'tech rockstars' it's time to get creative.