We've all seen it haven't we?

The other day I saw a Facebook post from a girl I used to work with. In-between cute puppies and funny cats, there was a dubious "share if you agree" post from a local "Against the Islamification of Britain" account.   

Don't you hate it when someone you know and like, someone seemingly pleasant, shares something with some disturbing undertones?

Whether it has racist connotations, xenophobic paranoia, misinformed anger or it's just plain ignorant, it's hard to avoid. Particularly during politically delicate times, emotions can be high. 

Maybe that person didn't even note the source? Perhaps they were angry and the post supported a suspicion or view? However, clicking the share button isn't always as innocuous as it seems. 

Please watch this video about 1. The power of social media, and 2. The vital importance of fact checking before you hit that share button...