I'm a Rugby Fan.

Currently this is one of the most exciting times for British Rugby Fan. The British and Irish Lions are touring New Zealand in what most experts and ex pros are describing as the toughest tour ever.

If you don't know who the Lions are let me explain. They take the best players from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, throw them together and in mere weeks expect them to beat the best international rugby team in the world.

This got me thinking. RPO is sometimes like this, especially at the beginning. You take a number of different teams; HR, Resourcing, hiring managers and the RPO provider. All have subject matter experts who are integral from an internal and external perspective. We then ask them to work together efficiently and productively as quickly as possible. More often than not there's no lead time. No getting to know the client and provider. No take it easy and get your feet under the table.  It's all about providing the service and getting results NOW.

 So how do all these different elements come together and move in the same direction?

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By Sean Hardingham