The recent article in People Management highlighted that fewer employers than ever are offering feedback to candidates. This is not surprising, but a massive, missed opportunity. 

Research by TMP Worldwide amongst over 1200 job seekers highlighted that only 5% of candidates regard their recent experience as excellent.

34% of job seekers rate the recruitment experience as poor. 58% did not receive regular updates on their application and 52% felt that they were not treated as individuals.

The consequences are serious. 

Only 37% would recommend some companies and 38% are less likely to buy some company’s products or services showing that the employer brand is absolutely linked to perceptions of the consumer brand.

What's more, 21% of the sample stated that their recruitment experience had put them off ever applying to that organisation again.

With skills shortages in Nursing, Social Work, Digital and Data Science - to name a couple - can you really afford to turn off nearly a quarter of your potential target audience every time you go to market?