Having just had London Pride and attended the Women in Finance Awards there is a lot going on in the world of Inclusivity and Diversity.  A lot of really positive things are happening.

This week I was talking to the HR Director of a leading UK Grocery Retailer and we were sharing stories about how autism is a really interesting area of opportunity but it needs better understanding. Some selection tools used may unfairly bias decisions away from autistic applicants and to help avoid this you need to offer reasonable adjustment.  We also touched on how some employers may actively target this talent pool who have the potential to be high performers in certain roles. All good information.

But ageism, I hear nothing about this topic and yet there are some real challenges and opportunities that need further research and action as this article from Management Today points out.

So D&I change is real but we need to look across the board and consider all forms of potential discrimination and make older people inclusive.