There's no reason why not.

It's just been the habit, for years, to think that youth equals early adopterism and tech savviness. But one of my best friends (40) thought I was doing witchcraft when I showed her YouTube, meanwhile my grandfather (89) spent my entire youth working his way through various gaming consoles, right the way up to the most recent PlayStation. And my Dad (61) told me about writing code and programming machines to make parts for the International Space Station – all using robotics. 

There's nothing inherent in the process of writing code that demands a young person do it. It involves sitting at a desk, maintaining lots of focus, problem solving and working to a plan and deadlines. All completely age neutral capabilities.

I see a lot of 'women in tech' stuff and believe me I welcome it, but I love the idea of people reskilling themselves in new things at any age. 

Frankly, we need the digital skills.