Hashtags are meant to be a way of categorising content on social media e.g. #employerbranding. By applying a hashtag you will index your post, and it becomes searchable by other users. 

Are you using hashtags correctly in your social media posts? Here's a quick overview of hashtag Do's and Don'ts.


Keep it simple. Don't use hashtags with too many words that have been strung together.

Limit number of hashtags. Don't include more than a couple of hashtags in your post.

Be relevant. If the aim of adding a hashtag to your social post is to ensure that people who are interested in your subject can find your post, you need to pay attention to how you describe it. For example, a word such as #exciting will not tell anyone that your post is about employee engagement.


...complicate things. If you invent your own hashtag or use unusual or difficult spelling there is less chance of anyone searching for and finding your post

...use popular tags only. If you only use a hashtag which is very common e.g #jobs, it's very likely that your Tweet or other social posts will disappear swiftly in a sea of other posts with the same hashtag

...forget spell checking. Computers are literal and so is the indexing system. #employerbranding and #emplyerbranding will get indexed separately!