So people get funny about additions to traditional solutions, like Digital before Marketing, its not digital marketing its just marketing, they would say! The channel is irrelevant, it's the strategy that's key to your success. 

So here we have recruitment with social stuck in front of it. Does it matter? In my opinion it does!


Because when the focus of a strategy needs to change because society, tech, time and a whole load of other reasons have forced it to change. We need to recognise it. That doesn't mean Marketing or recruitment is dead, long live...

It means there is a new approach and with that approach there needs to be additional thought and consideration given towards the solution. Sometimes its a journey that traditional marketers or recruiters need to go on and explore and sometimes it just needs a whole new approach and specialist attention from a different perspective. 

It's at this point at which these things generate a new name or tag that helps people understand that although the traditions and origins remain, times have moved on and so has the need for analysing our approach and strategy to any given challenge.

So Dora Wang clearly demonstrates in her article why social media recruitment is able to support organisations in recruiting top talent. But I think the message is not heard widely enough and there are still people that find it difficult to understand that the world is shifting and what was true yesterday is unlikely to ever be the truth again.