beBee is a 'personal branding' social networking site which launched in 2015 - they claimed to have 11 million members in 2016 and a goal of reaching 40 million in 2018. To put things in perspective - the biggest social media platform today is Facebook with over 2 billion users monthly.

Interestingly, they carried over 7000 jobs for the UK last time I looked and checking in today those jobs (although they may be scraped) are up-to-date. Before you can apply beBee wants you to fill in a user profile with previous job details, education etc which will then sit on your profile page.

Users are called Bees, and as a Bee you can create and share content in groups of professional or personal interest to you - referred to as hives. 

beBee has their own LinkedIn page with 8500 followers - and they describe themselves as 'the world's most dynamic social network'. That sounds very ambitious - we'll keep an eye out on how the platform develops and whether beBee, one day, should be part of your social media channel strategy.