With real estate going up, desk space becoming a premium, new expectations of flexibility and global collaboration -- learning how to make a go of virtual teams is a fairly important rung on the old success ladder.

Michael Shaw of Times Education Tech shared his thoughts on what makes for a great collaboration between humans of different offices.

Simple things like microphones seem so obvious but are so rarely catered for properly. If I can't hear, I find myself leaning in, leaning in, then eventually switching off. 

He also sings the praises of being visual. I quite agree. In fact, can we all agree:

In person > video chat > audio chat > instant messaging > email > sending a raven

But email only just beats the raven.

Other top tips: Recordings. Backup plans. Making space for coffee machine chat. And even considering the merits of emojis. The same things that humanise your in-office relationships have the capacity for humanising your virtual ones. In fact, working from home yourself can be a great way to see what your dial-ins go through, and give you a new edge on empathy next time you work that way. 

What are your top tips for making a success of virtual teams?