Recent research featured in People Management highlights that – even in sector where skills are scarce and highly sought-after – employers are not doing enough to convey an authentic image during the recruitment process and managing onboarding poorly.

 This backs up research by TMP Worldwide which highlights the need for greater focus on developing an employer brand anchored in truth (with an acceptable level of corporate aspiration) and an enhanced candidate experience at every touch point. 

Indeed, according to the Corporate Leadership Council, only 36% of new joiners felt the recruiting process accurately reflected the working environment they entered. What a wasted opportunity!

TMP have identified a number of 'Moments of Truth' during the recruitment process, which have the greatest impact on a candidates commitment to the recruitment process and have a particularly high impact on their impressions and propensity to continue in the process.

So what does this mean to employers? Organisations need to see the candidate experience as a continual sales process and apply the analytics and commitment that they would expect to invest in a sales process. Certainly technology can create a faster and more friction-free process, but the quality of face-to-face candidate interaction (interviews, calls, tone and content of emails, assessment events etc) shape and reinforce their impression of your employer brand.

Every mystery shopped and redesigned your recruitment process from a candidates perspective? Only 3% of employers do. 

So get a head start in the chase for talent and put the candidate at the heart of your recruitment model.