As I prepare to take my summer break with my family, I consider will I even be missed at work?

I've just sent an email around to highlight how important every component of the automotive production line is to its continuous movement. If one element should break down the whole process will draw to a halt.

So it is my expectation that in my absence the world of TMP will also come to a halt, as I'm such an important part of the continuous production line, that the business won't be able to continue without me!

But in reality, I know that our production line is not cut from the same cloth as a finely tuned manufacturing production line. It does however often throw up new challenges and can rarely be relied upon to go exactly as planned. That is surely the nature of a talent solutions business.

I am very sure the business will happily continue without me, although they hopefully will miss my happy face around the office!

Can I, and should I throw my phone in a drawer and completely shut off to work? 

Well, perhaps I can. But in all honesty, all the hard work and commitment that's gone into developing new ideas and opportunities were not done for the hell of it. We don't break our back for our clients to then switch off because the sun beckons us.

However if that's what we need to do to re-energize, then we should be empowered to do just that. 

I don't feel compelled or pressurised to check my phone from time to time to see if we succeeded in our plans. I feel energised and free to take it upon myself to keep one eye on that which I've dedicated so much time and energy to achieve.

So if you're reading this and wondering as an organisation if you're pressurising your employees to feel a sense of responsibility to keep abreast of whats going on in the business during annual leave.


You're thinking it is right that each employee should shut themselves down to the world of work during their holidays.

I suggest this:

Empower your employees to feel a sense of ownership and respect their right to switch off or switch on to what's happening around them. 

Because in the end, it is the individuals right to make that decision and businesses who support their employees and neither pressurise or make the decision on their behalf will surely achieve the best compromise and commitment from its employees.

We all have different ways of working and achieving great results.

I personally couldn't wait to find out if my children in the womb were going to be a little boy or a little girl and I'm in fact blessed to have both. 

So I'm sure as hell not going to have the patience to wait to find out if all the hard work has resulted in a fantastic result for TMP and for my wonderful hard working, creative and dynamic team.

But I will still have a wonderful break and enjoy special quality time with my wife and children.