If you read any research or reports in the media the message is that it is a candidate or Job-seeker driven market.  Skills shortages abound and the choice of which companies to engage with is firmly in the hands of the applicants.

How is that affecting how employers go to market?  The Global LinkedIn research suggested that differentiation was one of the biggest challenges and you then start to reflect on how that can best be achieved.  I know we all think our recruiters are best and can tell the story brilliantly but that assumes the applicant will even engage with the recruiter.

Real differentiation comes from great employer branding and recruitment marketing akin to the things consumer marketers do to influence us to buy their products and services. It starts with a clear and engaging articulation of your brand nuanced to the talent audiences you want to engage with and shared in the right channels with emotive content e.g. video and social interactions.  You then need to ensure that the entire candidate experience enhances their perception of you, what are your "zero moments of truth" that make the biggest difference to the applicants and to you nail them brilliantly?  When they do their research on your careers website or via Glassdoor are amplifying the right messages and managing your brand to best effect. Marketing is an art form not just a process and if you want an unfair share of the best talent then you need to examine whether you are a truly differentiated employer or one where the candidates can't see the wood for the trees!