As consumers we are used to sharing experiences both positive and negative about the companies we deal with. Just look at the social media and social review sites available to us at the touch of a button!

I don't know about others but I am quick to turn to my Twitter profile to contact companies to resolve my customer queries, the response is usually fairly instant and I can do it on the go. The latest was Gymshark who refunded part of my order before I had even sent it back!

There is so much effort being done in this space and yet employer branding is still lagging behind. Sure there is Glassdoor where we can check out reviews but are enough brands tackling this at a strategic level to ensure their employees are a) content and happy, and then  b) portraying that in the world of social.

Recent research compiled by TMP discovered up to 25 touch points that candidates come into contact with when searching and applying for roles and of these, 3 or 4 were make or break points that can impact the candidate's choice to join an organisation. This means it is absolutely critical to get the candidate experience right during the attraction and recruitment process. 

However, what about retention, what are employers doing to truly engage and retain their top performers and getting that message across in a compelling EVP.

I believe the key for this is using employee insights on a continual cycle. It's certainly an area that is being explored here with clients and I would love to hear of any great examples!