I’m seeing AI being discussed more and more frequently – with headlines such as “AI is to be the most disruptive technology developed”, with businesses being able to use data to adapt to new situations as well as solve problems. Microsoft have recently listed AI as one of it’s top organisation priorities

So what could this mean for us – how will AI manifest itself within recruitment, how much of an impact is it really going to have on Recruiters?

Well, firstly, I’ve had to do some research to understand a little more about AI! What is it exactly and how might it be used for recruitment.  Interestingly, and I hadn’t really considered this.... we already interact with and use AI in our daily lives – it’s already in our smart phone and probably in your car too (or it will be soon!), take a look at the chat bot on the AA Careers website and who has an Amazon Alexa?  I’ve also learned that there are different categories of AI (there seem to be differing numbers and categories, depending on which article you read), put out simply

AI for recruiting is the application of artificial intelligence such as learning or problem-solving exhibited by machines to the recruitment function (thank you https://ideal.com/ai-recruiting/ for the straightforward definition)

From a recruitment perspective, AI is nothing new, albeit future iterations will be much more sophisticated.  On line job boards already use algorithms to match their databases of candidates against certain role criteria and automated application processes, including Situational Judgement Tests screen candidates in or out of a process based on pre-defined criteria which has been developed via job analysis and validation.  There’s no doubt that as technology platforms develop and the data that we hold improves, we will be able to refine our “upfront” criteria to ensuring improved levels of candidate suitability and fairer screening as the people bias can be removed from the process.

According to Berin’s 2017 Human Capital Trends Report, 38% of companies believe AI and robotics will be fully implemented in their company within 5 years.

What then for the Recruiters?

With the continuing decrease in sifting and screening needing to be done by a person, this will allow Recruiters to spend more time on the value add elements of the process; the bits that they enjoy most – building personal relationships with candidates and hiring managers, offering advice and delivering a great candidate and hiring manager experience. So, not really the big scary SciFi monster that’s going to take people’s jobs, but something that allows us to introduce more flexibility, scope and creativity into the recruitment process, but still keep the important bits human.

Written by Emma Beckley, Client Relationship Director.