I was surprised to read Mark Littlewood's (Director General for Institute of Economic Affairs) scathing attack on HR in The Times last week. 

Apart from describing "this £10bn industry has turned into a waste of human resources and  the orthodoxy of the modern human resources industry has grow too fast and spread its influence too far", it's a simplistic and lazy attack on the profession. 

His view on D&I infers it's all about teams thinking and acting the same - not celebrating difference in attitude, thought and background.

He sees HR as process-driven and getting in the way of business decisions. This fails to reflect the many HR teams we work with who spend time understanding what's going on at the front line of their business. They see their role as playing a key role in driving the performance and outcomes of their organisation - delivered through people performing at their best.

What's concerning is that this isn't the hot-headed words of a minor blogger. IEA is a major body - journalist Andrew Marr called the Institute "undoubtedly the most influential think tank in modern British history".

It's a stark reminder that - in many quarters - the battle to prove the value of HR is far from over.