A question I get constantly when talking about social is, 'What can I measure?'The answer isn't always 'recruits' although if you are really nailing your reputation work, you will see returns over time.

In social media, engagement, interaction and community are all measurable quantities that you can look at, work on, and improve.

But even when you get to the hiring process, just like you would if you were in a Formula One team, there are plenty of little areas of optimisation that you can influence. Besides the number of applications or people you hire -- speed of  hire, quality of hire and candidate experience are all indicators of how successful you are in your process. 

Social Hire's article about this is really interesting, particularly in the area of candidate experience. If you could improve even just a few aspects of your candidate experience, how might that help make sure more quality people are won over by the power of your employment proposition?