Businesses love automation as it will typically drive efficiency and cost savings. The once highly labour intensive process of a job application with written applications and cv's has rapidly moved to ATS (Application Tracking Systems).  Personality tests which were once paper based are now online and there is a steady stream of organisations moving to video interviews, with a growing mix of jobseekers being the digital generation you'd assume that this is a good thing.

However recent research by Randstad casts a shadow over all this recruitment automation.  A predominately impersonal candidate experience is putting off some talent and damaging the employer brand. In fact 82% are frustrated with their experience, if you connect this to social media sites like Glassdoor then word will spread and potentially damage talent pipelines.

I don't think that this will reverse the trend but employers must be mindful of the "user experience" and ensure that the right balance of personal interaction in the employer brand based candidate journey is right.

At TMP we conduct candidate experience audits for customers so that we can measure the impact of various touch points in their journey and identify "risks" that can be improved to keep the best talent in the process.