You've decided you need a content calendar for your social media channels - but where do you start?

Here are some key operational points to consider before you start creating content:

  1. Segmentation of your audience. Make sure you know your personas. It's important you are really clear on this point. If you don't know who you are talking to you risk 'shouting' into empty space!
  2. Channels. Now that you know who you want to engage with - chose your social channels. It's not the other way round.
  3. Content. Make sure you have clear content themes and content strategy in place (and that's another subject!). Do they align with your EVP and your audience and personas? Do they align with your recruitment plans?
  4. Key dates. Incorporate key events such as recruitment fairs, webinars etc - consider whether there are general interest events that you can incorporate into your calendar, for example graduate season, holidays, charity events etc?
  5. Roles and responsibilities: who creates content? Who edits? Who approves content?
  6. Time and date for postings - what frequency is right for your channels?
  7. Research - what are competitors talking about? How often do they post content? Which hashtags are people using? What are your potential candidates talking about?
  8. Metrics  -  what you want to measure and why? How are you going to measure? How and you going to report?
  9. Community management and moderation - this might be an obvious one, but surprising how many people forget. Who is going to respond to comments? How often are you going to check comments? If you are not going to engage with people, then why have a social channel?
  10. Call to action - what is it that you want people to do?